Emily King on Recruiting and Keeping Veterans

It can seem like there are a number of risks involved in hiring veterans into a more conventional workforce: the culture is completely different and their highly specialized skill-set doesn’t seem to apply. Emily King, author of Field Tested: Recruiting, Managing, and Retaining Veterans, wants recruiters and HR professionals to not take military resumes so literally. Driving a tank may seem irrelevant to an office culture, but the skills, knowledge, and training that went in to learning how to use a very complicated and expensive piece of machinery can be extremely beneficial in any job.

Emily King is a nationally recognized expert on the transition from military service to civilian employment. She has worked extensively with veterans and civilian hiring organizations, and is a frequent speaker at industry events including SHRM and ASTD. She is the founder of Military Transitions, an online resource for hiring veterans in the civilian workforce. Prior to founding Military Transitions , Emily spent 10 high-impact years as an internal consultant and coach at the firm of Booz Allen Hamilton, leading People Strategy. It was here that Emily conceived and designed the very first military transition training program for civilian business professionals, nearly 12 years ago.

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