Cheryl Nash on the Highs and Lows of Financial Services

This week, Cheryl Nash talks about her perceived challenges of being a woman in a traditionally male dominated industry, what qualities exemplify a great leader regardless of gender, and how she learned from her failures and how it helped her in her career. Instrumental to her leadership was the example of other mentors who were inspiring examples. Cheryl also talks about how fortunate she was to have the total support of her family and how her circumstances allowed her to withstand the mistakes and successes of her career.

Cheryl Nash is President for Investment Services at Fiserv, the leading global provider of financial services technology solutions. She is responsible for driving the strategic vision and direction of the industry-leading technology solutions offered by Fiserv, which serve the wealth management industry. Now, she has over 25 years of experience working in the wealth management industry, and has been instrumental in the development of multiple strategy portfolios, more commonly known today as Unified Managed Accounts. In her current position she is now the driving force behind the investment services convergence strategy, which comprises many initiatives that will result in an integrated wealth management solution, a single managed account platform, an aggregated view of client assets and liabilities to deliver the first unified managed household or UMH capabilities. She’s a recipient of the Money Management Institute’s prestigious Pioneer Award for contributions which embody MMI’s mission to serve as an advocate and catalyst for growth in the managed accounts and wealth management industry. She’s formerly had the distinction of cochair of MMI’s technology and operations committee.

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