Emily Bennington on the Myth of Having it All

“Having is all” is the supposedly mark of a successful woman but what does it mean? There is the connotation of work-life balance but what does “having it all” really mean? Well, Emily Bennington, author of the new AMACOM book Who Says It’s a Man’s World, says that it depends on the woman and it is not an unobtainable goal. Yes you can have it all. For varying definitions of “all.”

EMILY BENNINGTON is a frequent speaker on the topic of career success and has been featured on Fox Business, CNN, and ABC, and quoted in publications including the Wall Street Journal, New York Post, and Washington Post Express. She is a contributing writer for Monster.com, a featured blogger for The Huffington Post, Forbes Woman, and US News and World Report, and coauthor of Effective Immediately.

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