Selena Rezvani on the New Generations of Women Workers

Women may make up half of today’s workforce but only 3% of the Fortune 500 CEOs are women. Leadership roles have been hard-won by previous generations of women. Selena Rezvani gives women in Generations X and Y ideas on how to learn from these pioneering women. Her new book The Next Generation of Women Leaders encourages women to confidently move ahead into more leadership positions.

Selena Rezvani is the author of a new book, The Next Generation Of Women Leaders. She has spoken in front of audiences at Harvard, Princeton, Carnegie Mellon, University of Pennsylvania, Comcast, Apple, and many others. Her commentary and advice have been sought by The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CareerBuilder, ABC television, NBC television, and she’s actually going to have an ongoing commentator role in NPR’s program, “The 51 Percent Perspective.”

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