Al Pittampalli on the Modern Meeting

Meetings are a staple of our work lives that can be an inefficient drain of time, resources and creativity. Al Pittampalli is the author of Read This Before Our Next Meeting, which outlines a fresh methodology to the meeting structure. The “modern meeting” encourages preparedness, speed, and results. Listen and discover how to make meetings fueled by action instead of delaying what needs to get done.

Al Pittampalli is Founder of the Modern Meeting Company, a group that helps organizations transform meetings, make decisions, and coordinate complex teams. As an IT advisor at Ernst & Young LLP, Al witnessed the meeting problem firsthand at Fortune 500 companies all across the country. Now, Al is part of a new generation that brings fresh eyes to stuck business systems. Al is a speaker and blogger on Making Revolutionary Change Happen, and is a graduate of the NYU Stern School of Business.
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