Conant and Norgaard on the Leadership Touch

“Everyone has experienced the pleasure of working with someone who is learning and growing and everyone has experienced the pain of working with someone who is not,” affirms Douglas Conant, CEO of Campbell’s Soup. Doug with strategic leadership expert, Mette Norgaard, Ph.D, co-authored Touch Points: Creating Powerful Leadership Connections in the Smallest of Moments, which is a call to action for executives and managers to commit to employee development. Mette’s research and metrics based assertion is that touch points, strategic, meaningful interactions, are what galvanize people to make ideas happen and ultimately drive success. Listen as Doug and Mette explain how these hands on investments in their employees, translate into exponential returns for companies.

Doug Conant, CEO of Campbell Soup Company, distinguished himself with 25 years experience with three of the world’s top food companies—General Mills, Kraft, and Nabisco—before joining Campbell’s as the 11th CEO in its 140-year history in 2001. A key driver is Campbell’s four-pronged success model: Winning in the workplace, winning in the marketplace, and winning in the community, and doing it all with integrity. Doug is active on a number of boards, and is Chairman and Trustee of The Conference Board. He is also a trustee of the International Tennis Hall of Fame.
Mette Norgaard, Ph.D, is an international expert on strategic leadership. She partners with top executives to design leadership and learning solutions that bring their strategies to life. Prior to starting her own firm, Norgaard directed Franklin Covey’s executive retreats, where she worked with thought leaders such as Stephen Covey, and Ram Charan. Mette has worked closely with senior-level leaders from organizations like Microsoft, Proctor & Gamble, Estee Lauder, Harley-Davidson, Johnson & Johnson, the US Navy, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and Finnish Broadcasting Corporation (YLE).
Conant’s and Norgaard’s long-term collaboration with Campbell’s high-potential leaders has produced the book TouchPoints: Transforming Everyday Interactions into Powerful Leadership Moments.
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