Tony Beshara on Unbeatable Resumes

In today’s job market, applicants are often focused on submitting resume after resume and less on crafting a solid CV for each position. In this episode of Edgewise, America’s top recruiter, Tony Beshara, tells how to prime your resume and put it in the hands of decision-makers. Tony has collected his findings from 30 years of perusing resumes and cover letters into his latest book, Unbeatable Resumes(AMACOM), breaking down the approach to a cross section of career levels, job titles, and job functions. Tony not only specifies the critical components of stand-out resume, he arms applicants with strategies to get themselves out of the application abyss into an actual interview, and even how to master awkward questions.

Tony Beshara,is a 30-year veteran of the placement and recruitment field, and owner of Babich and Associates, a job placement firm. He has appeared numerous times on the nationally syndicated “Dr. Phil Show.” Tony is recognized as the #1 recruiter in America by the industry’s leading journal, The Fordyce Letter. Since 1973, he has placed more than 7,000 people on a one-on-one basis, in more than 100 different job categories. His candidates have accepted positions earning minimum wage and salaries up to more than a million dollars a year. Tony is the author of Acing the Interview, The Job Search Solution, and the recently released Unbeatable Resumes (AMACOM).

To learn more, read this AMACOM Books:
*Unbeatable Resumes, by Tony Beshara

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