Jane Stevenson on Driving Innovation

Innovation—it’s more than a ubiquitous term for the shiny, new, and different. Jane Stevenson, co-author of Breaking Away: How Great Leaders Create Innovation that Drives Sustainable Growth–and Why Others Fail, mines the minds of high profile executives and shares the gems that spark success. She defines four categories of innovation and the characteristics of leaders within them. She also details how companies like Google & GE use metrics and algorithms to forecast trends, and how CEOS can embrace the ideas of risk and failure along the trajectory to success.

Jane Stevenson is Vice Chairman, Board and CEO Services in Korn/Ferry International’s Atlanta office. She is an industry expert on recruiting leaders of growth and innovation. A pioneer in the field, she was responsible for bringing in many of the first Chief Innovation Officers and CEOs who focused on growth through innovation. She is an accomplished public speaker and is frequently consulted by Business Week, Fortune, Forbes, and the Wall Street Journal to discuss trends and issues relating to innovation and general management.

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