Scott Singer on Hitting the Curve Ball

Scott Singer sees the workplace as a baseball game: we can go to batting practice all we want but during the big game it’s the surprise pitches, the curve balls, that are the hardest to deal with. Preparing mentally and physically are only the beginning. In his new book, How to Hit a Curve Ball: Confront and Overcome the Unexpected in Business, Scott gives us tips on how to go from missed shots to knocking one out of the park.

Scott is a senior business executive with 20 years of investment banking and consulting experience in the media industry. He has originated and executed financial and strategic transactions totaling over $110 billion. His clients have included Cablevision Systems, CBS, Charter Communications, Comcast, Discovery Communications, Disney, Liberty Media, among others. He leads Bank Street’s Media & Entertainment Investment Banking practice and prior to joining the firm, he was a Managing Director and Head of Broadcasting & Cable in the Investment & Corporate Banking Department at BMO Capital Markets, a Principal at Deloitte and a Leader of its U.S. Media & Entertainment Practice.

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