Andrew Bennett on Well-Informed Shoppers Changing Consumer Culture

The way we shop has shifted dramatically, leading to an increase in the number of store-label brands being purchased to 20%. What’s surprising is that this is not just because of a change in the economy; most people buy the off-label brands because they’re really not that different from the big names. In his new book Consumed, Andrew Bennett deals with the many different ways consumer culture has changed to fit the new smart shoppers.

Andrew Bennett is Global CEO of Marketing Communications Agency, Arnold Worldwide, and Global Chief Strategy Officer of Havas Worldwide. His career in marketing spans nearly two decades. It includes hands-on experience in almost every marketing discipline and across multiple product and service categories. Andrew has authored, along with coauthor Ann O’Reilly, a new book called Consumed: Rethinking Business In The Era Of Mindful Spending.

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