Ted Harro on Crucial Conflicts

If you’re working on a team that’s trying to accomplish big things, a little conflict is unavoidable. Actually, according to Ted Harro, it’s preferable. To him, if there isn’t a single disagreement among coworkers on a big project, someone is lying and frustration is festering. Productive, project-based conflict is a sign of engagement and passion. If you learn to pick your battles and stay focused, groups can have disagreements while still working as a team.

Ted Harro is the founder of Noonday Ventures. Ted providers overall leadership for Noonday client engagements and provides strategic facilitation and keynote presentations. Ted’s background includes leading the professional services division of Wilson Learning Worldwide. He’s helped facilitate and implement plans for a variety of well-known organizations in technology, industrial, professional services, and nonprofit environments in the U.S. and western Europe. He also provides leadership coaching for a select group of senior and emerging leaders, and he holds a Masters in Organization Communication from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

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