Haydn Shaw on the Influx of the New Generation

The "sticking points" between different generations.

October 4, 2013 / Podcast # 13-20

Haydn Shaw

There has been a recent influx of new Gen-X workers, causing much confusion in the workplace for the older generations. Hadyn Shaw, author of the book Sticking Point, analyzes some of the points of aggravation that causes friction in the workplace when working with such broad generational gap. One major point of contention is the style of training and learning each generation expects. While seminars and training workshops are the main sources of learning for the older generations, Gen-X are used to finding answers on the Internet and demand lectures to be funny or informative. Listen for why each generation think they way they do and how to successfully clear the lines of communication within your business.

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Brad Karsh & Courtney Templin on What Millennials Want (and You Do Too)

Working with millennials for a harmonious workplace.

August 23, 2013 / Podcast # 13-17

Brad Karsh & Courtney Templin

Millennials, people who where born from 1981-2000s, are starting to fill more and more management positions but older generations still find them hard to understand and even harder to work with. Most millennials have a very different approach to management: they are used to leaderless groups where everyone collaborates in an open environment. They believe that the answer is out there but it doesn’t necessary have to come from a leader or from management. To them, sometimes the best solutions come from the very people they are leading. Brad Karsh and Courtney Templin, authors of the book Manager 3.0, talk about what makes a millennial tick: how they think and which environments are conducive to success, not just for millennials but for the whole organization.

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