David Allen on Managing Your Attention

Are you appropriately engaged with your job?

September 18, 2015 / Podcast # 15-19

David Allen

David Allen, author of Getting Things Done, uses lists so he doesn’t have to make a plan. This may seem counter-intuitive but it’s actually extremely intuitive thinking. As soon as something crosses your mind it it best to deal with it immediately in the most appropriate way. Most of the time that means writing an action item down on a list to do later. But addressing thoughts as they occur to you, even if that just means acknowledging it and planning on saving it for later, frees up your mind so the real critical thinking can be done on issues that really matter.

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Nicole Lipkin on Engagement and Emotional Contagion

How disengagement is problematic and what to do about it.

June 14, 2013 / Podcast # 13-12

Nicole Lipkin

Nicole Lipkin, author of What Keeps Leaders Up at Night, wants us to know that our brains are more sensitive than we think, susceptible to what is called “emotional contagion.” That’s when someone’s “negative emotions spread virally” where our brains pick up on someone else’s mood and mimic that emotion. That means if one employee is feeling disengaged, that feeling will spread. Added to the other symptoms like declines in productivity, performance, safety, retention and profits, this makes disengagement one of the most pervasive and unremarked upon problems in the workplace. Luckily, Nicole has ways to combat disengagement and get teams back on track.

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Mark Royal and Tom Agnew on Maximizing Employee Engagement

Keeping employees energized and efficient.

January 13, 2012 / Podcast # 12-01

Mark Royal and Tom Agnew

Organizations are always looking to get the best out of employees but the traditional means of doing so may be all wrong. Mark Royal and Tom Agnew, authors of the book, Enemy of Engagement, think that strong and forward-looking managers enable their employees to channel their extra or discretionary efforts productively. They talk about how to feed your team’s desire to feel accomplished, create better support levels, and combat the common causes that lead to lack of employee engagement. Read more…