James Morgan on Strategic Execution & Process

Strategy Execution is the crux of success in business. So why do less than half of companies polled in a recent Booz Allen survey feel they are meeting their targets? Dr. James Morgan, shares insight from his 30 years of experience of sharpening strategic visions and implementing methods to see them through. He details the pitfalls and the core tenets of strategic planning and execution. Listen, take notes, and start winning!

Dr. James R. Morgan is President of Strategy Dynamics, Inc. He has over two decades of experience in strategic planning, organizational culture, structured change management, and the implementation of Best Practices in Strategic Management for senior leadership clients. Consulting services provide participating organizations with recognized expertise in the development of both strategy and process. Prior to forming Strategic Dynamics, Dr. Morgan served as Chief Operating Officer for Milwaukee Insurance and as a Senior Manager with Price-Waterhouse Coopers. Dr. Morgan has a PhD from Capella University in Minneapolis, an MBA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a BBA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

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