Pamela Ryckman on Women Networking Outside the Company

Traditionally men have dominated the C-suite with one token spot open for a woman, if that. This made it nearly impossible for women to network within their organization as, at the end of the day, only one of them would get the corner office. This forced women to network outside their companies but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise: women made different connections that led to unexpected lateral career moves, paving their own way to success.Pamela Ryckman, author of the book Stiletto Network, investigated this trend and talks about how modern women network and achieve success, starting from the entry level and moving up.

Pamela Ryckman is a freelance journalist who has written for the New York Times, Financial Times, and, The New York Sun among other publications and websites. Before becoming a journalist, Ryckman performed strategy work for Merrill Lynch’s Global Markets and Investment Banking Group and for Goldman, Sachs & Co.’s Equities Financial and Strategic Management Group.

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