Charlene Li on the Importance of Social Media to Promote Openness

Facebook isn’t just for college students anymore. Businesses are quickly learning that a social media presence, on facebook, on twitter, or on their blogs, can be vastly important to the company. In her new book Open Leadership, Charlene Li talks about how to use these new sites to generate interest in the company, both for the customers and for the employees, giving them a sense of purpose and enthusiasm.

Charlene Li is the Founder of Altimeter Group and coauthor of the critically acclaimed, bestselling book Groundswell. She is one of the foremost experts on social media and technologies and a consultant on leadership, strategy, social technologies, interactive media, and marketing. Charlene was named one of the 12 most creative minds of 2008 by Fast Company, and one of the most influential women in technology in 2009. She frequently consults and speaks on disruptive technologies and publishes a blog at Charlene is a frequently-quoted expert and has appeared on 60 Minutes, The McNeil NewsHour, ABC News, CNN, and CNBC. She is also frequently quoted by The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Economist, Businessweek, USAToday, Reuters, and The Associated Press. She has written a new book called Open Leadership: How Social Technology Can Transform The Way You Lead.

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