Len Sandler on Becoming an Extraordinary Manager

Nearly all managers dream of being inspiring leaders who elicit the most from their people. But while they may understand the skills needed to manage their teams, very few know how to put their knowledge into practice. Now, any manager can get exceptional results and make an important contribution to the organization. Becoming an Extraordinary Manager(AMACOM) by Len Sandler focuses not just on “understanding” principles of good management, but on taking action.

Len Sandler (Westford, MA) is the President of Sandler Assoc. and has successfully developed and delivered more than 2,500 seminars for such clients as EMC, General Motors, Disney, AT&T, Johnson & Johnson, Motorola, General Electric, Hertz, Sun Microsystems, Honeywell, Citigroup, Lucent Technologies, Siemens, and Corning.

In this week’s You’ve Been Spotted segment, Kevin Lee asks participants from AMA’s course ‘Management Skills for New Supervisors’ about what they’re learning to become extraordinary managers. Listen to these participants share what they’ve learned from the course.

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