Susan Shearouse on the Upside of Conflict

Whether personal or professional, conflict is inevitable. In her book Conflict 101: A Manager’s Guide to Resolving Problems So Everyone Can Get Back to Work (AMACOM) Susan Shearouse shares insight from her 20 years of experience in mitigating disagreements as a conflict resolution strategist. Susan discusses the importance of trust, how assumptions lead to false perceptions, and using the “Satisfaction Triangle” as a conflict arbitration tool.

Susan Shearouse has provided facilitation, mediation, technical assistance, training in conflict resolution processes, group decision-making processes, managing change, sexual harassment awareness and organizational effectiveness to organizations and individuals since 1990. She is an adjunct staff member for the American Arbitration Association, McNamara and Associates, Inc. and an associate of Resolution Dynamics, Inc. In addition, she has served as Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Specialist for the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services (FMCS) and as adjunct faculty in Georgetown University’s MBA program. Susan earned a Master of Science in Conflict Resolution from George Mason University in 1988, and was Executive Director of the National Conference on Peacemaking and Conflict Resolution (NCPCR). She is on the Advisory Board of the Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University.

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