Howard Guttman on Building High-Performance Teams

Standout performance is what it takes to be a top business team. In Great Business Teams, Howard Guttman examines the inner workings of over 30 business teams, at top-management, business-unit, and functional levels, to offer a radically new vision of the emerging horizontal organization and of the high-performing teams that are the cornerstone of its success. Using an impressive array of real-life examples drawn from his extensive consulting experience and research, Guttman isolates five key factors that drive up team performance and, in the process, challenges prevailing notions of team leadership, membership, accountability, decision making, and conflict, replacing them with a fresh and dynamic approach to achieving better results.

Howard M. Guttman is Principal of Guttman Development Strategies, Inc. (GDS), a New Jersey-based management consulting firm specializing in building high-performance teams, executive coaching, and strategic and operational alignment. GDS works primarily with senior management at companies such as Chico’s FAS, Inc.; Colgate-Palmolive; John Hancock; Johnson & Johnson; Liz Claiborne; L’Oreal USA; Mars Inc.; Novartis; PepsiCo; and Philip Morris USA.

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