Stephen Baum on Experiences That Shape Great Leaders

Becoming a leader is not about education or pedigree or even native smarts. Most of the most successful leaders started life as a regular person just like you. Certainly these leaders are smart and talented, but there are countless people even smarter and more talented who stall on the way. Something else is going on. What is it, and what can the rest of us learn from such people to improve our own chances of accomplishment?

Stephen H. Baum has been an advisor and coach to CEOs for more than twenty years, first as a partner with Booz Allen & Hamilton and then as an independent practitioner. As chair of a Vistage Group of business owners and chief executives engaged in peer-to-peer coaching, Mr. Baum’s role is to facilitate confidential exchange of experience, expertise, approaches to decisions, ideas and resources on issues of critical importance to the members.

Mr. Baum also hosts Inside the CEO, a leadership series comprised of a CEO interview and unscripted student Q&A about the life experiences that prepared leaders to lead. Mr. Baum has taught classes in leadership development at Baruch College (CUNY) where the series is recorded. In addition, he is author of the recently published book What Made jack welch JACK WELCH. Get more information at his website:

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