Robert Lopes on Growing a Business in the Right Direction

The first 12 months of a CEO’s tenure provides insights into the effectiveness of his or her leadership style, his or her priorities, and “most important” his or her fit in the organization.

In January 2006, Robert Lopes joined Veritude, a division of Devonshire Investors, the private equity arm of Fidelity Investments, as its president and chief executive officer, bringing his significant professional experience in HR services and proven ability to successfully build a business. Lopes shares insights into his strategy, execution and lessons learned from the critical first months of his tenure. In addition to creating a three to five year plan help guide his employees, Lopes believes in the importance of establishing a culture that includes clearly defined goals and positive support to achieve business success.Veritude was founded in 1986 as the internal provider for Fidelity’s North American staffing needs. Today, it offers a full suite of services including recruitment process outsourcing, staffing, managed services, and consulting. To quote its mission statement, “It partners with clients to develop and deliver talent management solutions that adapt to changing business and demographic realities and drive competitive advantage.”Prior to Veritude, Lopes was a key member of the team that created ExcellerateHRO, a jointly owned business of EDS and Towers Perrin. When the new company was launched, Lopes assumed the pivotal role of vice president, Global Client Management. He brought together two cultures and more than 400 clients in five geographic regions to ensure a positive transition to the new company.

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