Warren Berger on Asking More Questions

Warren Berger, author of A More Beautiful Question: The Power of Inquiry to Spark Breakthrough Ideas, discusses the importance of asking big questions. Today’s education system has deterred students from asking more and more questions by making them focus more on having the right answers. As adults, we continue this way of thinking and shy away from questioning what we see. After studying master innovators like Steve Jobs and Jeff Bazos, Berger realized that what made them so successful is the fact that they kept asking questions. To further succeed in their careers, these creative thinkers went ahead and answered those big questions.

Warren Berger’s last book was the international bestseller Glimmer: How Design Can Transform Business and Your Life (Penguin; 2009), published in several editions worldwide. Business Week named Glimmer one of the “Best Innovation & Design Books of the Year.” He has appeared on NBC’s Today Show, ABC World News, CNN, and as an expert on NPR’s All Things Considered and Talk of the Nation. As a speaker, he has keynoted at the Fuse Conference in Chicago, the annual Design Thinkers Conference in Toronto, the 2011 International Women’s Forum in Rome, and TEDx Portland. He has also spoken at in-house conferences hosted by General Electric and Microsoft, among others. Berger serves as an Adjunct Professor and host of the “Innovators” lecture program at the University of Colorado, and has been a guest lecturer at The University of Virginia, The University of Oregon, University of Texas, Syracuse University, New York’s School of Visual Arts, and Virginia Commonwealth University, where he gave the 2011 commencement address for graduating business students.

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