Jim Leighton on Getting FIT

Are you a TGIF kind of worker or for you is it TGIM, Thank God it’s Monday? It might have to do with how much passion you have for your work. If your values and principles don’t align with your company’s, you might not be as successful in the workplace as you might think, your lack of enthusiasm eventually becoming apparent to everyone you work with. Jim Leighton, author of Getting FIT, advocates a Fully Integrated Team (FIT) as a more dynamic style where each member of the group tries their best to contribute to the mutual goal by bringing their own personal experience and skill set to get the job done.

Jim Leighton is the President of Perdue Foods, the third largest poultry company in the United States. With over thirty-five years of experience in the consumer packaged goods food and beverage industry, Jim held senior management and executive positions with ConAgra Foods, The Hain-Celestial Group, Celestial Seasonings and Nabisco. Jim was founder and CEO of National Health Management Inc. and a graduate of University of Iowa.

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