Mike Noble on Communicating Changes Effectively

When it comes to change, communication is crucial. According to Mike Noble, Employees must not only be made aware of the coming changes but also why they are being made and what the budget and timeframe are. Otherwise employees will be resistant, no change will ever take place, and the organization will fall behind competitors.

Mike is a Managing Partner at Camden Consulting Group and oversees all of the firm’s strategic business development activities and client engagements. Under his leadership, Camden has established a reputation as a thought partner in the growing talent management arena. He splits his time running Camden while providing leadership development coaching and consulting to senior executives. Mike holds a Bachelor’s degree from Harvard College and completed extensive coursework at Harvard Business School. He completed executive training at the Center for Creative Leadership and he is certified in the Center’s developmental assessment instruments. Mike served on the Board of Directors of the Bankers Association of Foreign Trade, the Rhode Island Public Education Fund, Special Olympics Rhode Island and the Rhode Island Zoological Society.

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