Daryl Wizelman on Retaining Talent Through the Recession

During the recession, many a worker has been told that they should put up with their lot and they’re lucky to have a job at all; the recession is an excuse to employers to treat their staff however they want. The result, however, is that once the economy turns around, talented employees will leave as soon as they can. Daryl Wizelman says that to avoid this, employers have to show respect to their employees, during the good times and the bad. It’s as simple as giving warning if there are going to be layoffs to give those in danger time to look for another job and telling talented workers that they’ll be the first hired back when the economy turns around. This kinder approach is beneficial for both sides, giving employees a more comfortable environment to work in and keeps them loyal to their employers.

Daryl Wizelman is a leadership, corporate culture, emotional intelligence, life planning and work/life balance motivational speaker who consults with companies, associations, professional athletes, sports teams and individuals all over the world. In his speeches, Daryl combines his inspiring story with practical tools that can be implemented immediately to improve the lives, careers and companies that he touches. His new book is Heart Leader: A Personal Journey to the Heart of Business and Life.

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