Claire Wyckoff and Nat Stoddard on Selecting the Right Leader

Leadership failures damage or even destroy companies every day. The Right Leader: Selecting Executives Who Fit, Details: A Revolutionary Process For Selecting Executives Based On Years Of Consulting For Some Of America’s Largest Companies, by Nat Stoddard and Claire Wyckoff offers a new approach to eliminate the leadership failures that plague so many companies around the world today. The Right Leader introduces the “Match-Fit Model” and explains how it reduces the risks and costs of executive failure by changing the factors that are considered and by taking into account the cultural dynamics at play in any organization.
Nat Stoddard is Chairman of Crenshaw Associates, a New York based consulting firm specializing in career and transition management for senior executives. Claire Wyckoff is an accomplished writer and editor who has held executive positions in both the corporate and nonprofit sectors.

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