Dan Carrison on Management Secrets of the FBI

In its one hundred-year fight against the ever-changing tactics of organized crime and terrorism, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has learned invaluable lessons about powerful leadership and management. Like many organizations, the FBI must succeed on a global playing field with limited resources; it must deal with unforeseen challenges and long-term strategic threats. Former Marine Dan Carrison has had unprecedented access to the inner workings of the FBI. In his book From the Bureau to the Boardroom, he offers an insider’s look at the Bureau, taking readers behind the scenes of some of the FBI’s most important missions—from infiltrating a world-wide drug cartel to closing in on a terrorist cell.

Dan Carrison is a partner of Semper Fi Consulting (SemperFiConsulting.com) and is the founder of ghostwritersinthesky.com. He is a nationally recognized speaker and business writer and is the coauthor of the best-selling Semper Fi: Business Leadership the Marine Corps Way.

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