Peter Senge on the Necessary Revolution in Business

Imagine a world in which the excess energy from one business would be used to power another. A world in which environmentally sound products and processes would be more cost-effective than wasteful ones. A world in which corporations forming partnerships with environmental and social justice organizations to ensure better stewardship of the earth and development of societies all over the world. Now, stop imagining – that world is already emerging.

As Peter Senge and his co-authors reveal in The Necessary Revolution, companies around the world are boldly leading the change from dead-end “business as usual” tactics to transformative strategies that are essential for creating a flourishing, sustainable world.

Peter Senge is senior lecturer at MIT and the founding chair of the Society for Organizational Learning. He was named as one of the 24 people who had “the greatest influence on business strategy over the last 100 years” by the Journal of Business Strategy. Senge is an author or co-author of several bestselling books, including The Fifth Discipline, Schools That Learn, and Presence. BRYAN SMITH, coauthor with Senge of The Dance of Change and two other Fifth Discipline fieldbooks, is a member of the faculty at York University’s Sustainable Enterprise Academy, and president of Broad Reach Innovations, Inc..

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