Barry Libert on How “We” Are Smarter Than “Me”

Online Social Networking is a reality. The millions of people who have a Facebook or MySpace page, or anyone who uses Wikipedia or Google, knows this. But for today’s companies, the question remains, how can we profit from the crowds who are swarming all over the internet?

Drawing on their own research and the insights from an enormous community of more than 4,000 people, Barry Libert and Jon Spector have written a book that reveals what works, and what doesn’t, when you are building community into your decision making and business processes. In their book We Are Smarter Than Me, you will discover exactly how to use social networking and community in your business, driving better decision-making and greater profitability.

Barry Libert is an industry veteran with more than 25 years of executive and growth company leadership experience. Barry is currently the CEO of Mzinga, a provider of business social networks that help companies improve their performance by leveraging the power of “community.”

In this week’s You’ve Been Spotted segment, Kevin Lee asks participants from AMA’s course “Critical Thinking” about how to gain knowledge and insights by working with others. Listen to these participants share what they’ve learned from the course.

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