Jane Linder on the Management Secrets Behind Wildly Successful Initiatives

Have you ever wondered why so-called “best management practice” produces mediocre results? What if a team wanted to do something truly spectacular? What if it wanted to make a real impact?

In her new book Spiral Up. . . and Other Management Secrets Behind Wildly Successful Initiatives, Jane C. Linder argues that if you want to work wonders, you’ve got to abandon the accepted, linear, day-by-day management mindset and step into the real world. It’s anything but mechanical.

Jane Linder is President of the Progress Board, LLC, a consulting company that specializes in helping clients put good ideas to work. Dr. Linder has been a professor at Harvard Business School, and spent more than a decade as an executive in the technology industry. Her articles have appeared in Harvard Business Review, MIT’s Sloan Management Review, and Across the Board, among others, and she is the author of Outsourcing for Radical Change. Dr. Linder lives in Charlestown, Massachusetts.

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