James Kilts on Doing What Matters

James M. Kilts has led three major companies—Gillette, Nabisco, and Kraft—into prosperity by doing what matters on the fundamentals. In Doing What Matters, a vivid first-person account of his executive experiences, he reveals his system for success that is both cutting-edge and back-to-basics.

Mr. Kilts has a worldwide and world-class reputation as a business leader. Dubbed a “brand mechanic” by The Wall Street Journal, he is especially well-known for reviving brands and turning around established companies like Nabisco and Gillette. He successfully integrated the Kraft and General Foods divisions within the Philip Morris Companies. As president and CEO at Nabisco, he revitalized several famous but flagging brands, introduced successful new brands, and gained market share for virtually every product line. He did the same thing as CEO of Gillette, increasing sales 5% in the first year and almost 10% in the next, and increasing stock price by 20%—then led Gillette’s acquisition by Procter & Gamble.

Currently, Mr. Kilts is a Founding Partner of Centerview Partners, a private equity and financial advisory firm.

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