Jill Griffin on Earning Loyalty in a Search and Switch World

The ability to compare price and product created by Internet search engines coupled with our insatiable desire for instant information have created a volatile new breed of buyer, the search and switch customer. In these bruising economic times, businesses unprepared to address this buyer are losing market share by the minute.

In her book Taming The Search and Switch Customer: Earning Customer Loyalty In A Compulsion To Compare World, loyalty guru    Jill Griffin, advisor to Microsoft, Dell, Toyota, Marriott, HP, Days Inn and Western Union, provides a fresh, new arsenal of loyalty solutions uniquely calibrated for today’s compulsion to compare planet of buyers.

Jill Griffin is known to her clients as the loyalty maker. And since 1988 she’s led Austin based Griffin Group, helping firms worldwide build fierce, loyal customers. Her clients include Microsoft and Dell, as we heard before, Toyota, Marriott, HP, Western Union and Sprint. Her previous book, “Customer Loyalty” was named to Harvard Business School’s Working Knowledge list, and has been translated into six languages.

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