Living Rewired and Defeating Distraction

For your holiday listening enjoyment, Edgewise presents a double episode featuring two outstanding interviews on a critical issue: how our ability to think and focus is being radically altered in the Information Age.

Hooked up to the Internet’s global computing grid, massive information processing plants are pumping data and software code into our homes and businesses. It’s a revolution of the kind that hasn’t been seen since electricity became a household utility. Nicholas Carr’s new book The Big Switch examines the promise and the perils of this transformation.

In Distracted, Maggie Jackson warns that modern society’s inability to focus heralds an impending Dark Age—an era historically characterized by the decline of a civilization amid abundance and technological advancement. Jackson posits that our near-religious allegiance to a constant state of motion and addiction to multitasking are eroding our capacity for deep, sustained, perceptive attention—the building block of intimacy, wisdom and cultural progress and stunting society’s ability to comprehend what’s relevant and permanent.

A former executive editor of the Harvard Business Review, Nicholas Carr writes and speaks on technology, business, and culture. His 2004 book Does IT Matter?, published by Harvard Business School Press, set off a worldwide debate about the role of computers in business. His widely acclaimed new book, The Big Switch: Rewiring the World, from Edison to Google, examines the rise of “cloud computing” and its implications for business, media and society.

Maggie Jackson is an award-winning author and journalist known for her penetrating coverage of U.S. social issues. She writes the popular “Balancing Acts” column in the Sunday Boston Globe, and her work has also appeared in The New York Times, Gastronomica and on National Public Radio.

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