Stephen Heidari-Robinson on Surviving a Reorganization

Business reorganizations are a fact of life and they’re going to become more frequent than ever. Stephen Heidari-Robinson joins us with some tips from the book he wrote with co-author Suzanne Heywood, ReOrg: How to Get it Right, on how to deal with a “reorg,” the phases you should expect, and what questions you should be asking.

Stephen Heidari-Robinson is an Oxford Martin Visiting Fellow as part of the Oxford Martin Programme on Integrating Renewable Energy. Stephen has first-hand experience of setting national energy policy as the former UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s energy and environment adviser.   During his role he played a leading role in the UK’s plans to address flooding, air pollution and is an strong advocate for electric vehicles as future powertrains in transport. Stephen spent 9 years as a leader in McKinsey and Company’s energy practice and was a vice president in Schlumberger, the world’s leading oil field services and technology company.  Stephen is co-author, with Suzanne Heywood, of a Harvard Business Review book on reorganising institutions (‘Reorg’).

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