AMA Podcast FAQs

• What is an AMA podcast?
A podcast is an audio file, recorded in MP3 format that is made available for download to your MP3 player such as an Apple iPod. AMA podcasts will be a weekly show covering a variety of topic areas. The topics will be driven by AMACOM authors, seminar themes, and AMA-sponsored surveys. A new “episode” will be added to the AMA website each week, so check back often. Each show will consist of a short discussion with an authority and will include some additional audio material such as feedback from listeners.

• Do I need an iPod to receive podcasts?
Anyone with a computer connected to the internet can listen to and download MP3 files. What you will need is a media player on your computer (many PCs come with Windows Media Player) and speakers or headphones. The advantage of transferring an AMA Podcast onto a portable MP3 player is that you can listen to them on the go.

• How do I listen to a podcast?
Browse our podcast page to find podcasts that interest you. Once you find a podcast, click on the play button to listen. Or you can download the audio file directly to your computer or subscribe to weekly updates using our subscription partners.

• I’ve downloaded the MP3 file but I can’t hear anything. What could be the problem?
There could be a number of problems, but we’re unable to give you comprehensive advice. You should check that you have a media player on your computer (e.g Windows Media Player or iTunes). You should also check that the sound is turned up on your machine, and that your speakers or headphones are connected.

•  I’m clicking on the download and it’s playing rather than downloading to my computer. Why is this happening?
The way that you experience MP3 downloads will depend on your setup — e.g. whether you are on a PC or Mac, and which operating system and browser you are using. In many cases clicking with the left button on the download link or icon will play the file. Clicking with the right button on the link or icon should display a list of options. One of these options is likely to be “Save Target As” or “Save Link As”. If you select this option (or any similar option containing the word “Save”) then you should be able to save the MP3 to your computer.

•  I am on a Mac, how do I download the MP3 files?
If you hold down the Control (ctrl) key on your keyboard whilst clicking on the MP3 link with your mouse a menu of options should appear. One of these options should be “Download Link to Disk” or “Download Linked File”. If you select this option this should activate the download and should save it to your desktop.

•  What music is playing in the podcasts?
The music you hear was written and performed by Renee Lando. Renee regularly performs her acoustic six and twelve-string instrumentals at folk venues, coffee houses, receptions and art centers in the New York metropolitan area.

•  How do I contact you?
Send your comments and questions to: