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Koen Pauwels on How it’s Not the Size of the Data, It’s How You Use It

Getting smart about how you use analytics.

May 30, 2014 / Podcast # 14-11

Koen Pauwels

Koen Pauwels, consultant and expert on marketing ROI (Return on Investment), describes why smarter marketing can help drive up sales profits for any company. How is big data affecting marketing trends today? In many ways it sets the benchmark for marketing to be held more accountable for business profits. And with analytics becoming such an essential component to any business, companies need to get smarter. Pauwels offers several examples on how his methodology for smarter marketing, detailed in his book It’s Not the Size of the Data—It’s How You Use It: Smarter Marketing with Analytics and Dashboard, published by AMACOM, has actually helped companies, including saving a major corporation $150 million in advertising for a green product.

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Mark Van Rijmenam on the Benefits of Big Data

How to responsibly handle the customer's private information.

May 16, 2014 / Podcast # 14-10

Mark Van Rijmenam

Mark Van Rijmenam, author of the new book Think Bigger, is a strategist who advises organizations on how to effectively manage their big data. He describes what big data is, why organizations should use it, and how they can benefit from it. Rijmenam suggests companies should deal with it now before it is too late—those that fail to manage big data today will cease to exist 10 to 15 years from now. He offers four tips companies should follow in order to handle their consumers’ privacy information responsibly. And while storing, managing, and analyzing big data can mean a risk for consumer privacy, it does help companies offer their customers better products and services.

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Paula Berman on Successful Business Process Management

How to—and how not to—effectively organize process systems.

May 2, 2014 / Podcast # 14-09

Paula Berman

Paula Berman, author of Successful Business Process Management: What You Need to Know to Get Results, has worked with quality systems and companies of all sizes and industry ranges. Berman explains the difference between a process and a procedure, the key components needed in a procedure, and why it is so important for companies to document these processes. She also discusses the significance of a process system as well as how to—and how not to—effectively organize one. Finally, Berman gives us 4 key stages needed to keep the process improvements without lapsing back and losing any efficiency gain.

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