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Chris Monteiro on Taking Social Media Seriously

Tracking social media mentions to know exactly what your customers think.

March 21, 2014 / Podcast # 14-06

Chris Monteiro

Chris Monteiro, head of MasterCard Worldwide Communications, shares with us communication strategies companies should use in order to help drive growth. Monteiro is in charge of supporting global communications integration, helping the company achieve its vision of a world beyond cash. MasterCard, whose revenues have now reached 60% internationally after going public in 2006, has embraced purposeful listening to inform their business decisions. Listen as Monteiro provides concrete examples of how listening to consumer needs through various online platforms actually helps to improve products. Tracking over 80,000 related social media comments for their Mobile Payments option a few years ago helped MasterCard learn about the product’s reputation. In turn, MasterCard refined the product, delivering a solution that met each of their customer’s needs.

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Mike Myatt on Hacking Leadership to Keep the Best Employees

Focusing on people before they abandon ship.

March 7, 2014 / Podcast # 14-05

Mike Myatt

Businesses, projects, and people don’t fail. Leaders fail. Mike Myatt, author of Hacking Leadership and a columnist for Forbes’s “Leadership,” discusses critical gaps leaders struggle with today, including development, influence, and reality gaps. Leaders never truly reach leadership maturity because they are all a work in progress. They must learn and understand their strengths and weaknesses in order to develop into more effective leaders. Leaders who tend to focus on process rather than people rarely see their company experience rising profits and often create a dynamic where employees decide to look elsewhere to unleash their passions, engage their creativity, and develop their skills.

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