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Doug Conant on Making Connections from Top to Bottom

The effectiveness of being a visible leader.

February 21, 2014 / Podcast # 14-04

Doug Conant

Doug Conant has a certain methodology for collaborating and communicating with his employees. As the former CEO of Campbell Soup Company, Doug set the tone for how he wanted to build his relationships there. For Conant, it is imperative to build his relationships before he needs to, so as to be more productive in the long run. And not just with his direct reports; he made time in his day to send notes to employees around the world that he would never see day to day. Build that trust early, and then anything is possible. All it takes is two simple strategies to be an effective leader: being tough-minded on standards and performances while still remaining tenderhearted with people.

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Scott Adams on A Humorous Workplace

How many Dilbert comics are pasted to your cubicle?

February 7, 2014 / Podcast # 14-03

Scott Adams

Scott Adams is the creator of the ubiquitous workplace comic strip Dilbert, a character so iconic that it’s become an actual metric for judging workplace happiness: too many Dilbert comics on the wall and employees probably relate to the character too much but if there are no comics it’s likely indicative of upper management with no sense of humor. Adam’s humor comes from real experience. He’s no stranger to the corporate lifestyle and isn’t uncritical, calling leadership in general “a form of specialized evil.”

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