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William Seidman on What Drives Star Employees

A positive outlook that changes the way people work.

November 29, 2013 / Podcast # 13-24

William Seidman

There’s an easy way to pinpoint a Star Employee: it’s the person you wish you could clone to do every job in the company. While that’s wishful thinking, Stars tend to have an effect on the people around them and their enthusiasm becomes infectious. William Seidman, co-author with Richard Grbavac of The Star Factor, published by AMACOM, says that it’s the Stars’ outlook that is the deciding factor. They don’t see themselves as cogs in the machine but a vital asset to the entire organization. As soon as their mindset improves, so do results. In this episode William shares tips on how to find out what drives the Star Employees and how to get their coworkers to becomes Stars as well.

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William Cohen on Peter Drucker & Practicality

Turning good ideas into good actions.

November 15, 2013 / Podcast # 13-23

William Cohen

Peter Drucker is a renowned thought leader in the business world. While his name is synonymous with management theory, sometimes it takes some work to turn that theory into practice. Enter William Cohen, former student and protegee of Peter Drucker himself. His new book The Practical Drucker, published by AMACOM, is a guide on how to take Drucker’s idealistic statements and turn them into real management practice.

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Rod Collins on Wiki Management

Small changes for a more collaborative world.

November 1, 2013 / Podcast # 13-22

Rod Collins

In a world shifting from command and control to networks, managers have to adapt their expectations while still keeping their employees accountable. The three most important and most basic changes are what Rod Collins calls The Three M’s: Managers, Meetings, & Measures. These three components of the workplace seem unavoidable but by resetting expectations so that managers become facilitators and meetings become highly functional dialogs instead of debates. Making some small changes to tip the organization into a more networked style is the key to Collins’ advice in his new book, published by AMACOM, Wiki Management: A Revolutionary Model for a Rapidly Changing and Collaborative World.

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