Archives from January 2013

Lina Echeverria on Fostering a Culture of Ideas

Inspiring creativity, not stifling it.

January 25, 2013 / Podcast # 13-02

Lina Echeverria

It takes an understanding culture to foster creativity. Lina Echeverria, author of the new AMACOM book Idea Agent, knows how it feels to fight for creative input. Now that she’s in a leadership position, she does her best to make sure her teams don’t feel the same aggravation she’s experienced. Team members need to know they’re safe to vocalize their ideas and, even if those ideas aren’t eventually accepted, they feel heard.

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Sharon Melnick on Success Under Stress

How to forget the stress and get back to work.

January 11, 2013 / Podcast # 13-01

Sharon Melnick

Work-life balance is always a struggle. Even if you manage to get out of your office at a decent hour, nagging thoughts about work left over will creep into time that is meant to be relaxing. Sharon Melnick, frequent webinar sumbject matter expert and author of the new book Success Under Stress, has practical and effective ways to leave work at work and get rid of stress altogether.

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