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Anders Dahlvig on IKEA’s Global Social Ambition

Continual Growth of an Industry Giant

March 23, 2012 / Podcast # 12-06

Anders Dahlvig

In this edition of Edgewise Anders Dahlvig chronicles his rise from store manager to president CEO of IKEA. Anders discusses his book, The IKEA Edge: Building Global Work, the affect globalization has had a on the retail business and how important it is for companies to adapt this new market culture. Anders also reveals his thoughts on corporate culture versus national culture and the difficulties in keeping out bureaucracy, complacency in a steadily growing corporation. Listen as Anders shares the unique vision he relied on to lead IKEA through its best and worst times.
Anders Dahlvig is the Former Group President and CEO of IKEA, a leading international retailer of home furnishing products. Anders is also a member of European Retail Round Table. He is a director of Oriflame Cosmetics AB, H&M Hennes & Mauritz AB and Axel Johnson AB; Kingfisher Plc and is Chairman of The New Wave Group and a member of the Advisory Board of Lund University Business School. He received received the Swedish award for Good Environmental Leadership in 2002 for his independent and persistent work with environmental sustainability issues. In 2006, he also received the U.S. Foreign Policy Association’s Global Social Responsibility award.
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Robert Kaplan’s Roadmap to Effective Leadership

Asking the Critical Questions

March 9, 2012 / Podcast # 12-05

Robert Kaplan

In this edition of Edgewise Robert Kaplan, author of What to Ask the Person in the Mirror: Critical Questions for Becoming a More Effective Leader and Reaching Your Potential, describes the importance of self-management in creating a superb work culture. Robert explains the role of giving and taking honest feedback and which questions you need to ask yourself and which to ask colleagues across all levels of management. Tune in and also learn tips from Robert’s leadership roadmap, including determining when it is ok to say “no” and how to take ownership of your leadership pipeline.
Robert Kaplan is a professor of management practice at Harvard Business School, as well as a co-chairman of Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation, a global venture philanthropy firm. He advises numerous companies around the world. Prior to joining Harvard in 2005, Robert was vice chairman of the Goldman Sachs Group.
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