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Carol Sanford on the Responsible Business

A holistic approach to creating sustainability

July 29, 2011 / Podcast # 11-30

Carol Sanford

It’s tough for corporations to strike the right chord of corporate responsibility today’s fickle economic climate. While more companies are starting green initiatives to project a positive public image, they are also cutting back on employee development. Carol Sanford, CEO of InterOctave Development Group and author The Responsible Business: Reimagining Sustainability and Success, contends that this kind of dissension creates a less than harmonious corporate culture, which ultimately leads to failure. In this episode of Edgewise, Carol explains that creating sustainability is not about outlining strategies and processes to hopefully yield return. It’s about identifying your business mantra and making sure every aspect of the business is conducted in this spirit. Read more…


Steven Pressfield on Doing the Work

The Artists and Entrepreneurs Manifesto Against Resistance

July 22, 2011 / Podcast # 11-29

Steven Pressfield

How many brilliant projects have you begun in your mind? In this episode of Edgewise, author Steven Pressfield discusses his latest book, Do the Work, which is geared to be a mental boot camp that kick starts artists and entrepreneurs out of their heads and into action. Steven takes on public enemy #1, resistance, which comes in the form of fear of failure for some, or research paralysis for others. Steven’s goal is to have you is to recognize your limiting thoughts and behaviors, fight them, and get the work DONE. While he targets creative people, the ideas are applicable to anyone relying on inner strength to execute a meaningful endeavor. Steven helps us think of resistance as the rest-stop on your creative path. You know it’s coming up. So, are you going to stop and get the Cinnabon? Or hold out and accelerate down your road to success.
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Tony Beshara on Unbeatable Resumes

July 15, 2011 / Podcast # 11-28

Tony Beshara

In today’s job market, applicants are often focused on submitting resume after resume and less on crafting a solid CV for each position. In this episode of Edgewise, America’s top recruiter, Tony Beshara, tells how to prime your resume and put it in the hands of decision-makers. Tony has collected his findings from 30 years of perusing resumes and cover letters into his latest book, Unbeatable Resumes(AMACOM), breaking down the approach to a cross section of career levels, job titles, and job functions. Tony not only specifies the critical components of stand-out resume, he arms applicants with strategies to get themselves out of the application abyss into an actual interview, and even how to master awkward questions.
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Stephen Wunker on Capturing New Markets

Noticing the nooks and exploiting the crannies

July 8, 2011 / Podcast # 11-27

Stephen Wunker

Exxon is to kerosene as Nintendo Wii is to Atari. In his book Capturing New Markets, Stephen Wunker expounds on the premise that with every successful new product, platform or medium, comes an underrepresented audience to be tapped into. Stephen explicitly explains how to leverage innovation for market domination.
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Elizabeth Harrin on Emerging Social Media Technology

Communicating without breaking the bank or breaking a sweat.

July 1, 2011 / Podcast # 11-26

Elizabeth Harrin

Social media has emerged over the last decade as the most prominent online presence; very few websites are static pages with no updates or interaction anymore. These breakthroughs in technology are supposed to make communication easier but there can be so many different brands and platforms available, the choice of provider can be daunting. However, our guest Elizabeth Harrin points out that not every option to communicate requires thousands of dollars and long meetings with IT: blogs and wikis are free, easy, and widespread. A simple but effective technological approach can make all the difference to internal communication and to the customer base as well. Read more…