Archives from February 2011

Mike Noble on Communicating Changes Effectively

How to make sure change actually takes place.

February 25, 2011 / Podcast # 11-08

Mike Noble

When it comes to change, communication is crucial. According to Mike Noble, Employees must not only be made aware of the coming changes but also why they are being made and what the budget and timeframe are. Otherwise employees will be resistant, no change will ever take place, and the organization will fall behind competitors. Read more…


Linda Hill on Making the Transition to Management

The promotion is not the end of the journey.

February 18, 2011 / Podcast # 11-07

Linda Hill

Just because someone gets promoted, it doesn’t mean they’ve “made it.” They still have to maintain a standard of excellence in a new job with new stakes. It’s not as easy to move up in a company as people think. There is a learning curve, even learning to delegate former responsibilities. Linda Hill gives us a few strategies for how to handle the new promotion or just be more understanding of the newly promoted manager. Read more…


Wayne Rogers in our 200th Episode

From tv star to business adviser.

February 11, 2011 / Podcast # 11-06

Wayne Rogers

We have a very special guest for our 200th episode of Edgewise: Wayne Rogers, former MASH star and AMACOM author. He joined us to talk about how he made the transition from actor to businessman and how the two professions aren’t that dissimilar. Read more…


Adrian Gostick on Creating Engaging Teams

Small changes can make big results.

February 4, 2011 / Podcast # 11-05

Adrian Gostick

When Medical City Dallas Hospital wanted to increase their patient satisfaction scores they didn’t just re-write another long mission statement or come up with a new set of rules. They said they wanted “to create raving fans out of our patients and families.” The phrase “raving fans” got the employees’ minds engaged and they started to think about their jobs in a whole new light; every time they had patient interaction they had to think, will this make a “raving fan?” And their satisfaction scores went up as a result. That is just one of the stories about teamwork and engagement that Adrian Gostick has to share, about tiny tweaks that shift the mindset of employees to create big changes. Read more…