Archives from January 2011

Daryl Wizelman on Retaining Talent Through the Recession

Leading with kindness to keep employees loyal.

January 28, 2011 / Podcast # 11-04

Daryl Wizelman

During the recession, many a worker has been told that they should put up with their lot and they’re lucky to have a job at all; the recession is an excuse to employers to treat their staff however they want. The result, however, is that once the economy turns around, talented employees will leave as soon as they can. Daryl Wizelman says that to avoid this, employers have to show respect to their employees, during the good times and the bad. It’s as simple as giving warning if there are going to be layoffs to give those in danger time to look for another job and telling talented workers that they’ll be the first hired back when the economy turns around. This kinder approach is beneficial for both sides, giving employees a more comfortable environment to work in and keeps them loyal to their employers. Read more…


Howard Guttman on Shifting Focus to Achieve Results

How to use positive self-talk to change your habits.

January 21, 2011 / Podcast # 11-03

Howard Guttman

Howard Guttman has several tools for how to achieve any goal, from getting the promotion to quitting smoking, as just two examples. One way is to change the stories we tell ourselves; change the narrative we think we’re in to change the outcome. If we think we’re in a no-win situation, the results will match. Howard also recommends realizing what the intended outcome is and focusing on that and also to always remember to ask for help. Read more…


Rick Lepsinger on Aligning Leadership Style with the Company’s Mission

Why the great leaders show, don't tell.

January 14, 2011 / Podcast # 11-02

Rick Lepsinger

James Sinegal, cofounder of Costco, isn’t your average CEO. His office overlooks a parking lot. He sits at a metal desk with a metal chair. His salary is less than half a million dollars (bonus included!), dramatically less than other CEOs, especially given the value he brings to his company. But in a company that’s all about thin margins, it’s the perfect attitude for a leader. Compare him to the auto company executives who flew to Washington in private jets to ask for bailout money. When the leader’s attitude matches the company mission and goals, that’s what Rick Lepsinger calls “alignment” in his new book Closing the Execution Gap. He points out that an organization’s leaders have to do more than just write the mission statement, they have to live the values they put forth and lead by example. Read more…


David Clemons & Michael Kroth on Managing Your Mobile Workforce

Keeping workers engaged, even when they're not in the office.

January 7, 2011 / Podcast # 11-01

David Clemons & Michael Kroth

It’s a challenge to lead any employee but when a large number of them are mobile and don’t even show up in the office, the stakes are raised even further. Today’s technology makes it easier but David Clemons and Michael Kroth want to remind you that cell phones and e-mail are tools, not a solution. The smartest leaders don’t just hand their employees a Blackberry and send them on their way; they figure out how to use those tools to engage their mobile workers and keep them motivated, everything a face-to-face leader would do, just at a distance. Read more…