Archives from October 2010

Michelle Johnson on Creating a Culture of Acceptance in the Workplace

Workplace diversity is more than skin deep.

October 29, 2010 / Podcast # 10-44

Michelle T. Johnson

If you have to ask if a certain behavior is discriminatory, chances are, there’s already a problem. For every discrimination lawsuit, there were many more instances where discrimination occurred and was not reported. Workplace discrimination is about more than the standard list of minorities that are protected by law. Everyone who comes in to work has a different worldview and even if they just have a different way of working than the person the next cube over, that should be respected. In her new book, The Diversity Code, Michelle Johnson lets us know that it’s more than following a simple set of rules; each company needs to create a culture of acceptance. Read more…


Peter Gloor on How to be a Cool Farmer

Looking to the community to be cool.

October 22, 2010 / Podcast # 10-43

Peter Gloor

We all want to be cool, even if everyone has a different definition of what that is. Great leaders step back and listen to their employees and their customers to find out what is cool for them. In his newest book, Coolfarming, Peter Gloor talks about how to succeed by truly listening to the community and using that audience to decide what is cool. Read more…


John Kotter on How to Get the People in Your Life to Buy In to Your Ideas

Getting to "yes," whether dealing with your boss or your spouse.

October 15, 2010 / Podcast # 10-42

John Kotter

You’ve got a great idea and you’ve made it all the way to that important meeting. Now you’ve just got to get everyone else to agree with you. John Kotter’s new book Buy In is for you. He’s distilled the most common objections to ideas and written right responses to push back and not take “no” (or “not now” or “maybe tomorrow”) for an answer. Read more…


Cleve Stevens on Transformational, Not Transactional, Leadership

How to change the workplace attitude to make everyone more fulfilled.

October 8, 2010 / Podcast # 10-41

Cleve Stevens

Being a manager doesn’t make you a leader and you can lead without being a manager. According to Cleve Stevens, leadership is a state of mind, not a title to be handed out. Transformational leadership especially, is about engaging employees and motivating them beyond picking up the next paycheck and igniting their passion, loyalty, and motivation. This kind of leadership isn’t easy, it requires change on all levels, at home and in the workplace, but the companies who are bold enough to make these changes see great results.

Read more…


John Baldoni on Leadership Through the Tough Times

How leaders step up even when the economy is down.

October 1, 2010 / Podcast # 10-40

John Baldoni

To John Baldoni, leadership doesn’t change just because of a bad economy. When leadership is about people, whether it be training the next generation of leaders or just stopping to chat with other employees, that stays the same even during a recession. It is a leader’s job to inspire confidence in their people so that they will remain resilient during the hard times and remain in the company when things get better. Read more…