Archives from June 2010

Brian Cole Miller on Simple Steps for Boosting Team Performances

The difference between being "fierce" and being "bold."

June 25, 2010 / Podcast # 10-26

Brian Cole Miller

Just because a team is friendly doesn’t make it a good team; they have to get work done too! Sometimes truly talking through differing opinions can lead to better ideas and solutions. In his latest book, Nice Teams Finish Last, Brian Cole Miller tells us how to say “no” and stop trying to please everyone. Read more…


Micah Solomon on Boosting Profits with Exceptional Customer Service

By creating exceptional service, companies save money and keep customers.

June 18, 2010 / Podcast # 10-25

Micah Solomon

What a customer wants these days is completely different from what customers wanted even five years ago. Since the emergence of the internet and even the customers want immediate satisfaction, while still getting a warm and friendly experience from the vendor. Micah Solomon tells us about these best practices for customer service and even more in his new book Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit: The Secrets of Building a Five Star Customer Service Organization.

Read more…


Chris Conde on Taking Steps to Prosper through the Downturn

How taking bold action during times of crisis can be beneficial.

June 11, 2010 / Podcast # 10-24

Chris Conde

When Chris Conde saw the first signs of the recession he didn’t waste any time. By paying attention to the warning signs and taking decisive action early, he put his company, Sunguard, in a position to compete while others were just trying to survive. By focusing on upcoming economic indicators (instead of looking back) and through the use of innovative inter-office technologies, he was able to avoid deep cuts to his workforce and Sunguard is now back to full capacity. Read more…


Jim Kirkpatrick on Revamping Training to Increase its Business Impact

How to stay engaged and keep learning.

June 4, 2010 / Podcast # 10-23

Jim Kirkpatrick

Training can’t be a rote process; for the most effective results, job training needs to be customized to each specific audience. Sometimes it even needs to start backwards, focusing on the result first and then moving back to the process. That way training becomes streamlined, more effective, and costs less. In his new book, Training On Trial: How Workplace Learning Must Reinvent Itself To Remain Relevant, Jim Kirkpatrick explains how to continue the training process, constantly adapting the business model. Read more…