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Thomas Harrison on How to Develop Your Leadership Instincts

Could success be the result of something in our DNA?

August 28, 2009 / Podcast # 09-35

Thomas Harrison

Is the ability to succeed in business hardwired into our DNA? Are entrepreneurs, like racing thoroughbreds, simply born to win? Instinct, by Thomas L. Harrison, is the first book to apply the tools and insights of human genome research to the concept of success. Harrison, a corporate CEO who began his career as a cell biologist, argues that successful people, particularly successful entrepreneurs, tend to have certain identifiable talents encoded in their genes. Harrison shows readers how to determine if they have inherited these genes, and how to compensate if they are lacking in some of these vital traits.
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Dan Coughlin on Management Success Lessons from Top Auto Racing Teams

The world of auto racing requires the same qualities essential for every manager who wants to build and sustain a profitable business.

August 21, 2009 / Podcast # 09-34

Dan Coughlin

The Management 500 (AMACOM Books) provides practical management lessons drawn from the history of professional auto racing. With insights and stories from some of the most successful people in Formula 1, IndyCar Series, and NASCAR over the past 60 years including Lee White, President of Toyota Racing Development and Ed Laukes, head of Toyota Motorsports, consultant Dan Coughlin shows busy managers how they can rev up their skills in areas like leadership, teamwork, strategy, branding, problem-solving, change management and innovation, and get their company running in high gear. Read more…


Ann Evanston on Successful Twitter-preneurship

What is it about social networking that makes it necessary for businesses today?

August 14, 2009 / Podcast # 09-33

Ann Evanston

More and more people believe that social networking on sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and now Twitter, make business sense. but how do you do it right without wasting tons of time and energy?

Ann Evanston, MA is a social psychologist who not only believes in online social networking, she’s lived by it and thrived by it. She is ranked #5 of top influencers in the SF bay area on Twitter and has over one million Google-able hits. Over the last year she has received a book deal, 6 speaking engagements, and over $30,000 in closed business through social networking. Ann is faculty for the American Management Association, the sponsors of Edgewise.
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David Noer on Healing the Wounds of Layoffs

Thoroughly revised and updated, David Noer's classic book about downsized organizations has never been more relevant.

August 7, 2009 / Podcast # 09-32

David M. Noer

Reports of the most recent layoffs are making the front pages of our newspapers with frightening regularity. And massive downsizing continues to reshape the face of American business. But what about those who remain behind? In his updated 2009 edition of Healing the Wounds, David M. Noer, an expert frequently quoted in major media such as The Wall Street Journal and Fortune on the topic of layoffs and layoff survivor sickness, addresses these problems. Drawing on case studies and original research, Healing the Wounds provides executives, human resource professionals, managers, and consultants with an original model and clear guidelines for revitalizing downsized organizations and the employees left behind.
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