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Jill Griffin on Earning Loyalty in a Search and Switch World

"I Googled it." These three words have single-handedly transformed the way customers buy across every industry and sector.

June 26, 2009 / Podcast # 09-26

Jill Griffin

The ability to compare price and product created by Internet search engines coupled with our insatiable desire for instant information have created a volatile new breed of buyer, the search and switch customer. In these bruising economic times, businesses unprepared to address this buyer are losing market share by the minute.

In her book Taming The Search and Switch Customer: Earning Customer Loyalty In A Compulsion To Compare World, loyalty guru    Jill Griffin, advisor to Microsoft, Dell, Toyota, Marriott, HP, Days Inn and Western Union, provides a fresh, new arsenal of loyalty solutions uniquely calibrated for today’s compulsion to compare planet of buyers.
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John Goodman on the Future of Customer Service

It’s no secret that service is the golden key, but saying it is much easier than doing it right are different things entirely.

June 19, 2009 / Podcast # 09-25

John Goodman

Most executives still view customer service as a cost center, a necessary nuisance that drains funds from other more strategic investments. But for companies with a strategic approach, the customer service function itself is an unbeatable marketing machine, a word of mouth monster that directly drives sales, repeats business referrals, and increases the bottom line.

John Goodman is one of the originators of the customer experience industry. His new book is entitled Strategic Customer Service. John is the Founder and Vice Chairman of Arlington, Virginia based TARP Worldwide Incorporated, the organization Tom Peters called, “America’s premier customer service research firm.”
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Charles Jacobs on Why Feedback Doesn’t Work

How the Latest Brain Science Shows Why Management Needs to Be Rewired

June 12, 2009 / Podcast # 09-24

Charles Jacobs

Business people are taught to make decisions with facts and logic, and to avoid emotional bias. But according to the latest research, we almost never decide rationally, despite thinking that we do. Our experiences carry an emotional charge encoded in the synapses of our neurons. And when we try to deny what our emotions tell us, we lose what we’ve learned from the past. That’s just one of many recent discoveries that help explain why management is so challenging.

As author Charles Jacobs explains in new book, Management Rewired: Why Feedback Doesn’t Work and Other Surprising Lessons From The Latest Brain Science, much of the conventional wisdom taught to managers is not only inadequate; it produces the opposite of what was intended. The better path is frequently counterintuitive. Read more…


Tom Redman on Using Data to Drive Results

Your company’s data can add enormous value to every facet of the organization — from marketing and new product development to strategy and financial management.

June 5, 2009 / Podcast # 09-23

Thomas Redman

In Data Driven, Thomas Redman, the “Data Doc,” shows how to leverage and deploy data to sharpen your company’s competitive edge and drive its profitability.
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