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John Mariotti on Conquering the Complexity Crisis

Why having too many products, markets, and customers is crippling your company -- and what to do about it.

September 26, 2008 / Podcast # 08-39

John Mariotti

In the quest to grow their business in flat or declining markets, many companies have created dozens of new products and services to increase their customer, vendor, and marketplace relationships. But even as top-line revenues go up, this rising tide of complexity is drowning bottom-line profits.

In his book The Complexity Crisis, management consultant John L. Mariotti looks at Read more…


Adam Gordon on Being Future Savvy

Who's tea leaves should you believe?

September 19, 2008 / Podcast # 08-38

Adam Gordon

In order to succeed in their industries, decision-makers today need to anticipate the future outcomes not only in their own industry but also in society and technology as well. Futures analyst Adam Gordon has spent a lifetime deciphering changes and trends in a variety of industries. His book Future Savvy (AMACOM) is a hands-on guide for how to evaluate the business, social, and technology forecasts in both the mainstream media and specialized reporting. Read more…


John Kotter on Using Urgency to Your Advantage

How to get people to see, feel, and act on the need for change.

September 12, 2008 / Podcast # 08-37

John P. Kotter

Most organizational change initiatives fail spectacularly (at worst) or deliver lukewarm results (at best). In his international bestseller Leading Change, John Kotter revealed why change is so hard, and provided an actionable, eight-step process for implementing successful transformations. The book became the change bible for managers worldwide. Now, in his new book, A Sense of Urgency, Read more…


Nancy Tennant Snyder on Unleashing Innovation at Whirlpool

The inside story of Whirlpool's transformation into a leading-edge, world-class innovator.

September 5, 2008 / Podcast # 08-36

Nancy Tennant Snyder

Nancy Tennant Snyder‘s new book Unleashing Innovation tells the inside story of one of the most successful innovation turnarounds in American history. Co-written with Deborah L. Duarte, Snyder reveals how Whirlpool undertook one of the largest change efforts in corporate history and show how innovation was embedded throughout the company, which ultimately led to bottom-line results.

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