Archives from September 2007

Rodd Wagner on defeating workplace disengagement

A Gallup researcher explains what every company needs to know about creating and sustaining employee engagement.

September 28, 2007 / Podcast # 07-24

Rodd Wagner

Rodd Wagner is the co-author of 12: The Elements of Great Managing, the long-awaited sequel to the 1999 runaway bestseller First, Break All the Rules. Grounded in Gallup’s 10 million employee and manager interviews spanning 114 countries, 12 follows great managers as they harness employee engagement to turn around a failing call center, save a struggling hotel, improve patient care in a hospital, maintain production through power outages, and successfully face a host of other challenges in settings around the world.
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Lynda McDermott on Leading World Class Teams

How do team leaders break through various barriers (i.e. different cultures, companies, countries) among their team members?

September 21, 2007 / Podcast # 07-23

Lynda McDermott

In her book World Class Teams, Lynda McDermott provides a hands-on guide on how to develop, launch, lead, and evaluate world class teams. With her coauthors William Waite and Nolan Brawley, Lynda draws heavily from their experience with such international firms as Pfizer, Colgate, AT&T, and Motorola to give managers, executive training organizations, team leaders, and HR and OD specialists. Read more…


Andy Sernovitz on successful word of mouth marketing

In the face of today's new technologies and communication channels, what's the most effective way to manage word of mouth?

September 14, 2007 / Podcast # 07-22

Andy Sernovitz

Andy Sernovitz is co-founder and former CEO of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association, an organization that uses the latest innovations in blogs and buzz to build a prosperous word of mouth marketing profession, based on best practices, measurable ROI and ethical leadership. Read more…


James Kilts on Doing What Matters

A turnaround artist and brand-builder shares the lessons he learned as CEO of three multi-billion dollar companies.

September 7, 2007 / Podcast # 07-21

James M. Kilts

James M. Kilts has led three major companies—Gillette, Nabisco, and Kraft—into prosperity by doing what matters on the fundamentals. In Doing What Matters, a vivid first-person account of his executive experiences, he reveals his system for success that is both cutting-edge and back-to-basics. Read more…